Website Development

Online marketing The Web offers 21st  century organisations a unique platform to do business, get clients for that business and create and maintain a healthy relationship with those clients. Inasmuch as the benefits are undeniable so are the challenges associated with making this opportunity a success.  The rate of  technological advancement,  the inculcation of the social media into modern culture,  the time, skill and financial overhead  required are just some of the many drawbacks that result in many organisations not fully benefiting from these opportunities.

We at Total IT have dedicated ourselves to mastering this process of business success online and have packaged it for you in a manner that ensures that you are up-to-date with all the benefits that modem information technology can offer you but without the hustle and overhead that often accompany it. The opportunity lays in wait to build your brand, be known, be heard, by the right people at the right time. We will partner you in this process with us creating and managing your technology infrastructure while you focus on the demands of  your core business.


The Online Marketing Package

We have developed a package which comprises of  an assortment of tried and tested tools and services combined together in a manner that greatly aids your brand visibility market perception and penetration, all this delivered through a  cost effective, predictable method which enable you to quickly start benefiting without a huge capital outlay.


Our Tools



Your Website


The first tool we use is a well designed website. “Design” is not just the way it looks but  how you communicate your brand to the visitor, its the thoughtful functionality that enables them to seamlessly get to hear from you how much you care about them by just being on your sight. A good design does not just inform them about your product and or service but, helps you interact with them, at their own terms, its engaging and keeps them coming back to your site. We work with you to create that. We will build you an attractive, effective website with an easy to use content management system which makes it easy to quickly update. See our  development process.

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

Brand visibility. Built into your website is the architecture that makes your website highly ranked by search engines above other in searches related to your products. By paying attention to how people search and how search engines like Google ,Yahoo and others retrieve results for what your potential clients are looking for , we optimise your website so that you are easy to find.  A more aggressive  approach to being visible is to advertise to specific  market segments in collaboration with the search engines and social media platforms like Google  and Facebook.


Direct Marketing

Integrated with your website, is a customer relationship management system (CRM), with the ability to capture customer data immediately on-line and turn their visit to your website in to a lead which you can then follow up on automatically via email and or sms. With the CRM function you are then able to run email campaigns for special promotions and or events. You can also simply keep in-touch with your clientèle through newsletters or even integrate it with your  off-line marketing such that you can say thank you to those who would have transacted with you or just alert your regulars of promotions and other issues that maybe of interest to them.


Social Media Optimisation

Its undeniable, social networking is now part of the modern culture, you may or may not like to tweet about everything, but a large potion of your potential clientèle do and we will gladly manage to social networks for you.  Social Media is a powerful channel that can catapult your business considerably beyond what is imaginable without it.  Imaging running a campaign and the moment you post an article on your website, your Facebook fans and Twitter followers instantly know about it?



To be a leader, you must have followers, now with the attention of your followers you must cast vision, they need to know what you are thinking, where you are taking them and what to make-of all that is happening around them. You are a market leader in your sphere and a blog is a powerful way of gaining credibility and communicating with the market.  We will set-up a blog for you and you can just send us your articles and we will post them on your blog ,your site, Facebook and Twitter. Increase your influence right now.



All marketing efforts must be measurable. You can receive statistic of the people coming to you site and where they are coming from and what they are looking for, the number off people following you on Twitter and Facebook and on your blogs, see how many are seeing your adverts on-line and much more. Its paramount to be able to measure the effects of all your marketing efforts and we will help you do that. Sit down with one of our consultants and allow us to get you where you need to go, contact us now!