Shepherd Chikomo, Managing Director


Mr. Chikomo is the Founder and Managing Director of Total IT Solutions Pvt Ltd of Zimbabwe. With a career in technology, founder of two previous technology companies and a history of working with business and technology customers in Sub-Saharan Africa, Mr. Chikomo knows the value of education and training, coupled with correct and complete consulting solutions in order for organizations and institutions to work at their peak capabilities. An entrepreneur and visionary, Mr. Chikomo enjoys strategic design and development as much as the subsequent tactical implementation and support of the strategy in organizations of any type and any size.

Mr. Chikomo is an experienced expert in ICT operations, particularly in infrastructure solutions including disaster recovery, cloud computing and connectivity challenges unique to Sub-Saharan Africa. Having worked with United States, South African and Zimbabwe technology companies, Mr. Chikomo knows that what works in one setting may not work “as is” in another. Because of his experience he knows that while problems may appear to be the same on the surface, the end-state solution will likely be unique to the company or organization in question which is where Mr. Chikomo excels.