Maintenance Plans

Maintenance Plans A maintenance plan is a service strategy designed to remove the headache of owning and maintaining your business computer system. Unlike other IT vendors who come to you when systems go down, Total IT’s maintenance plan is a pro-active service system that assumes the role of an IT department for your business.As your IT department, pro-active ongoing system checks, system updates and user level support are only one of the key aspects. It also means that we represent your business for all IT planning and problem resolution, such as co-ordinating with 3rd party hardware and software vendors for problem resolution, suggestions on upgrade requirements and discussion on future system planning.
A scheduled maintenance plan means that a pre-arranged time is appointed to visit your business on a regular basis. Subject to your network size and systems requirement, this could start from a one, 2 hour visit a month to even a five day, 2 hour weekly arrangement.
The effects of a maintenance plan is immediate, you will notice that having one less thing to worry about during the day will dramatically improve your work, business and general productivity in your office.


1. Preventative Maintenance Pro-active action plan designed for each client’s specific requirement. A preventative maintenance’s primary purpose is to minimise system outages and if systems do fail, the impact will be controlled and less damaging. During this process, problems are identified and remedied immediately. We provide recommendations based on your business system.

2. User Support Users facing computer issues commonly develop into frustration and increased levels of unproductive time. With correct guidance and support, users will utilise their workstations smarter and with better results.

3. Ongoing Improvement New emerging technologies and best practise IT management will be applied to your business.

4. Documentation All aspects of you network will be documented. These documents are updated every quarter.

5. Discounted Rates Your commitment to us will mean paying less for more.