Web Applications

It makes good financial and technical sense to move away from the large capital expenditure and maintenance overhead  associated with managing your own applications,  Onto the more value centered software as a service model, of cloud computing. This model is not new, and is safer and more reliable than what one would think, for the simple reason that we have dedicated resource taking care of their own core competencies, the service provider managing technology and you focused on your core offering. A good example of the cloud based solutions, would be the very popular, hosted email applications like Gmail and Yahoo mail, where you just get the required result which is communication when you want it and you do not need to concern yourself with what kind of machine its running on or the licensing of the software or who is maintaining the server and if they have been paid or not, you just get the value.
Our web solutions function in much the same way, but the added advantage is that you have a solution specific to your requirement in a variety of business functions. We have ready, tried and tested solutions for these functions which will then be customised to your taste thus reducing the deployment cost. Find below a description of some of the functions that can be addressed in this manner.


The Website (Content Management System)

The website is probably the most common of web applications, but with implementation of the Hosted Content Management System, you no longer need to worry about “The server”, “the bandwidth” and most importantly, you no longer need to go through the gruesome process of having to learn a coding language just to update content.  We provide you a solution which once developed to you taste you can just login the way to login to your Gmail and edit the way you edit in your word processor at your own time from anywhere in the word. We will even update and maintain the site for you.


Project Management

It may be overwhelming in a growing business, to keep track of multiple ongoing projects with multiple teams working in those projects.  Keeping track of the time, budget and progress is the first problem that is solved with our solution. Role based access to this portal will allow team members to update and see progress from a central dashboard. Integration with your email and calendaring systems, built-in document handling and knowledge-base wiki’s are just some of the features you can benefit from.


Customer Relationship Management

At the core of every venture should be customer relationship management. We provide you with a system that helps you generate leads by running automated email-marketing campaigns, helps you and your sales and marketing team automate and track their functions and also help your customer support team to be better deliver customer satisfaction.  This solution is useful from the solo entrepreneur, having to carryout all the functions  on their own, up to the large corporate having to coordinate the efforts of several members to produce one central result.


Document Management

With the growth of business comes the increase in the number of documents the are involved and the increase in the versions of the document and eventually there comes a time when the right version can’t be found when its needed because “it was lost when the laptop got stolen”or other similar scenarios. Now with a document management system there is a central portal where documents are created and versions tracked. The result of implementing such a system is that it is much easier to create, capture, share and retain corporate content, and much easier to collaborate, ensure governance and compliance.


Learning management system

In order to capture and retain a significant market share in whatever industry organisations need to be continually evolving strategy and skill set. An essential part of this process is training. Imagine how much easier it would be if new employees can easily take a web-based course on “how we do things here” and seasoned staff can easily learn new methods and relearn old ones. So as the organisation develops newer more efficient methods, that new knowledge is easily disseminated to all the players quickly and systematically. Well that solution is ready for you.

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