Disaster Recovery

A more precise definition of an information age business cloud be “a business that would not function adequately if it lost all its data”. Its unfortunate that the true value of our data can only be truly appreciated once it is lost.  Everyone knows that they should backup their data often but the backup solutions and procedures available often result in the neglect of this essential process.

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

It isn’t pleasant to imagin disaster of any sort, whether be it a crush computer harddrive a stolen laptop an office fire or a nation wide natural disaster. Though we can not always effectivly prevent disasters, we have a responsility to be prepared for the sake of all those relying on this businss. Built into our organisations must be the preparedness to keep going as soon as possible not matter what happens. The business must continue, and a key feature of such a strategy is data backup and management policy and implementation. We work with you to develop a business continuity  strategy and most importantly, provide you with an automated data collection and offsite backup solution off all your mission critical information which can be timeously retrived as and when it is required.

Explosive data growth, combined with demanding requirements for data availability, has placed a tremendous burden on IT operations staff at businesses of all sizes. Yet, many organisations do not have the staff or budget to purchase and manage complex and expensive backup and recovery software products. Total IT has world class solutions to address these challenges–providing a backup and recovery solution that combines fast installation, simplified management, non proprietary backup formats, enterprise-class functionality, and low-cost subscription fees.

Give us a call or just send us an email, we will be glad to sit with you and help you come up with a solution that best suits you.